Swine Farm

⦁ There are presently 2000 swine on the farm. The farm will deliver 200 swine per month with 80 kg of live weight after 8 months. They are presently in spacious cages situated in dry and cool areas in where breeds and ages are accurately separated. The swine are fed waste food collected from local markets, army camps, hotels, and restaurants. We have a professional team who are in charge for the swine meat and selling process.

Founded in 2019, SK Farm & Agriculture is reshaping agriculture in Sri Lanka’s North with a commitment to sustainability and a thriving community. Starting as a 142-acre coconut plantation, the farm has quickly evolved into a diverse agro enterprise of various crops, livestock, and innovative farming practices.



+94 214 335 554
Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.