Organic Farming

The farm utilizes the best practices of organic farming and includes watering, intercropping, crop rotation, polyculture, and drip irrigation as means of water and crop distribution.

At the SK farms, organic crop producers build soil quality
by adding compost, animal manure, or green
manures. Soil conservation practices are used
including cover crops, mulches, conservation
tillage, contour plowing, and strip cropping. The
compost used from the agro-section includes
worm compost, organic compost, and animal

5 plots each spread across 7 acres
Chili, tomato, corn, okra, cucumber among others
Organic farming systems
Green and natural compos
Innovative water distribution
Efficient pest management

Founded in 2019, SK Farm & Agriculture is reshaping agriculture in Sri Lanka’s North with a commitment to sustainability and a thriving community. Starting as a 142-acre coconut plantation, the farm has quickly evolved into a diverse agro enterprise of various crops, livestock, and innovative farming practices.



+94 214 335 554
Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.