Further diversifying its interests, SK farm’s first project with freshwater fish (GIFT Thilapia) is slated to be launched with 2 half acre ponds. Still in its initial stages, the fish farm once successfully realized is envisioned to be one of the nation’s largest and pioneering sources GAP certified Tilapia, which are the most demanded freshwater fish, in the world market. Expansion plans also include a roadmap to expand the fish farm with the freshwater fish to an area of 150 acres within a short time.

SK Farms

SK Farms located in Aliyavalai, in the Jaffna Area, was incorporated on 19th December 2019. On a 145-acre plot of land which was previously owned by another Dutch family and is now a coconut plantation of 10,000 plants where Dutch culture has returned.


Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, 40000, Sri Lanka.
Phone: ‎+94 214 335 554

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