Our Gratitude


Mr. Kittnapillai Subakumar GS (GramaSevakar / Village officier).

SK Farms would also like to thank the GS/VO of Alliyavallai, Mr. Kittnapillai Subakumar

In service since 2014, and working in the Alliyavallai area since the year 2017, Mr. Kittnapillai has been very supportive in various matters. His assistance in communication with the local people has been very important to us. He was also instrumental in assisting us in procuring the electricity for the farms, for which we are forever grateful.


Employees of the Office of the Divisional Secretary.

Our warmest thanks are also extended to the employees of the Office of the Divisional Secretary (DS) sector, without whom SK Farms would not be what it is today.

Mr. Perumal Uthayachandran

Freelance Senior Consultant of the Coconut section
Working at the coconut cultivation board as a regional manager in Ampara regional office.


Mr. Kulasingham Vaseekaran

Freelance Advisor and Consultant for operations and management at SK Farms.
Professional work experience in managerial and marking in Civil Aviation

Industry and over five years of professional work experience in hospitality and tourist industry.


Mr. J.K. Vidanarachchi (BSc, MSc, PhD, FSGS)

Freelance advisor for SK Farms & Agriculture with focus on Animal Guidance.

Working as Professor and Director, in Agriculture Education Unit University of Peradeniya

Dr. S. Sounthararasa

Area Veterinary Consultant of the Northern District.

Dr. S. Sounthararasa
SK Farms

SK Farms located in Aliyavalai, in the Jaffna Area, was incorporated on 19th December 2019. On a 145-acre plot of land which was previously owned by another Dutch family and is now a coconut plantation of 10,000 plants where Dutch culture has returned.


Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, 40000, Sri Lanka.
Phone: ‎+94 214 335 554

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