Welcome to SK Farms

A radical
Approch to farming

Welcome to SK Farms

Agriculture and Eco Farming

Welcome to SK Farms

A radical
Approch to farming

What we are

An organic and leading farm in Jaffna District

We are here for

Creating jobs and integrating a new level of farming

We believe in

Community engagement

Step Into The World Of Farming!


One small step for SK FARMS, A giant leap for Sri Lankan farming!

What started as a coconut farm, has today been carefully nurtured into a diversified integrated farming enterprise engaging in not just coconut farming but also in dairy production, poultry & ducks, buffaloes, goats & sheep, swine and tilapia departments.

SK Farm is situated in the resilient community of Aliyavalai, Jaffna District in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. This area has suffered the impact of the civil war and was additionally affected by the devastating tsunami in 2004. Today, the community continues to face challenges, and at SK Farm, we are committed to making a positive impact through this healing


Quality produce

SK Farms offers high-quality, pure and healthy vegetables, grown according to organic agricultural methods – respecting man and the environment.

Fair Labour Practices

Our fair labor protects the standard of life for farmers and workers, and their families. It ensures that they are paid a reasonable wage and work in an environment that is healthy and safe.

Women Empowerment

We ensure the empowerment, agency, and inclusion of women in the agriculture sector. We create pathways for them to become leaders in their respective streams and rise above all hurdles they may come across.
Cultivate, Connect, Contribute

Join our international volunteer program

Global Experience, Local Impact:

Where you'll not only experience the richness of Sri Lanka's agricultural traditions but also contribute to sustainable farming practices.

Skill Enrichment and Learning Opportunities

As a volunteer, you'll have the chance to broaden your skill set and deepen your understanding of various farming practices.

Cultural Exchange and Lifelong Connections

SK Farms is not just a place to work; it's a community where friendships are cultivated, and cultural exchange flourishes.
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Our Stories

Listen to Their Stories of Growth & Achievement.

Where we proudly showcase the remarkable journeys of individuals who have played a pivotal role in the success of our farm. These stories not only reflect the dedication and hard work of our team members but also highlight the opportunities for personal and professional development within our thriving agricultural community.

My name is Jegan Kristilan, a 43-year-old born in Colombo. I became a refugee in Kilinochchi in 1983 after the July riots. I was conscripted into the LTTE Sea Tigers during the war, surrendered in 2009, and became a prisoner of war until my release in 2011 from Pusa and Welikada prisons.

Jegan Kristilan

I'm Anusuya, 31, from Aliyavala. Faced with heart disease at 21, my husband left due to the hardships. Struggling to survive, I had to send my 16-year-old daughter to a children's home for a stable education and living. It's a painful decision, but essential for her well-being during this challenging time.


My name is Lalita, aged 43. I am a mother of three girls, the eldest is 16, the next 14, and the youngest is 12.  I was born into a very poor family and experienced many hardships and tragedies in life. I lost my two-and-a-half-year-old son to the 2004 tsunami and barely survived after being near death.  The grief of losing my son for many years has not compensated for the loss even today. The civil ware also took its toll on my family and myself.


My name is Indika, and at present I work at SK farms in the capacity of Driver/Bodyguard and Friend to the Family. I was born and raised in Vavuniya in a family of 10, and joined the Army in 1995, as a commando after I finished my A/levels. My story is different to most others at SK Farms in that this land holds a special and significant place in my heart.


The war had an impact on all of us. But I managed to somehow continue my education. After my GCE A/L I went to Vavuniya where I studied English, MS Office and sewing. After my father’s death, due to the family circumstances, I had to find work and I worked as a rural bank manager. But the income was insufficient so I had to look for other jobs, and that’s when I was recommended SK farms by our gramasevaka. I am now working as an administrator and I’m very happy to help the organization grow.


My name is Munaffer and I am 28 years old and from Pulmottai, Trincomalee.  I did my education at Pulmottai Central College and then I did GCE A/L at Kalmunai Sahira College in Bioscience and then at the College of Agriculture (Kundagasalai). And studied Bsc. Agriculture on the European campus.  After GCE A/L I worked as a teacher at Hafil academy Pulmottai then trainee supervisor at Kurunagal Boiler Farm then visiting lecturer at NYSC Awisavalai.  Then I worked as a hatchery in charge at Gayan breeder farm then worked as assistant manager at feed mill LG Farm then worked as farm manager at Sandalanka poultry breeder farm and then joined SK Farm I started the work date as I am working for the development of the farm and I will give my tireless work to grow the farm.


Founded in 2019, SK Farm & Agriculture is reshaping agriculture in Sri Lanka’s North with a commitment to sustainability and a thriving community. Starting as a 142-acre coconut plantation, the farm has quickly evolved into a diverse agro enterprise of various crops, livestock, and innovative farming practices.



+94 214 335 554
Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.