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One small step for SK FARMS A giant leap for Sri Lankan farming!

Diversity, the key to SK Farm’s success has been a philosophy that has firmly embedded itself in every aspect of the farm’s operation, from its recruitment policies to its management philosophy. This is no more evident than in the farm’s agricultural diversity.

What started out as a coconut farm, has today been carefully nurtured into a diversified farming enterprise engaging in not just coconut farming but also Fresh Water Fish Farming, Saltwater Shrimp Farm, Poultry Farm, and Goat Farm.


The Coconut farm cultivated in 2017, on 142 acres in Alliyavallai in Vadamarachi East has grown from 10,000 trees in 2019 an expanse of 537 acres.


Set on 48 Acres of prime saltwater wetland in Vetilaikeny, the Prawn Farm is a unique, eco-friendly farm of 60, 40-meter tanks specialising in Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei).


Taking our next big paradigm stem in diversity, SK farms has also planned an entry into the animal husbandry industry with the integration of a goat farm into the existing coconut farm.


A natural extension of our farming stock, SK farms Poultry Farm has a capacity of 3000 chickens including Layers, Broilers and local Village Chickens for meat and egg production, housed in state-of-the-art coops, and fed on premium feed.


Taking the cause of diversification even further, SK farm’s The first project with freshwater fish (GIFT Thilapia and Pangasius) is slated to be launched with 2 half acre ponds.

The Operational Model


Our operational model includes a 70-strong family of SK Farm employees who operate as an organizational unit with everyone adopting a hands-on approach irrespective of title.

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    Looking to Volunteer with a ground breaking organic farm?

    SK Farms is on the lookout for volunteers who share our vision. If you have a passion for farming, we would love to hear from you!


    Smiles are true testimonials!

    Since its inception, SK farms has been all about growth and development, both for the farm as well as for its extended family of staff and workforce. We have invested in our assets both fixed and human. Our fixed assent investments have ranged from Land acquisitions, Machinery, and area development.

    Our team and our staff are the drivers of our success. To this end we endeavour to always appreciate and develop our staff every way we can. Including:

    Employees of the Month

    Where each selected employee is awarded a bonus

    Staff Development Schemes

    We have also arranged English classes for staff to enhance their knowledge.

    Women & Children’s Welfare

    SK Farms continues its empowerment of women in the area by offering single parents paid hostel stays for their children.

    Staff Welfare Projects

    SK farms introduction of a farming school, is our way of removing the stigma around farming as an uneducated vocation, and to propagate the culture of the farmer as an executive.

    SK Farms

    SK Farms located in Aliyavalai, in the Jaffna Area, was incorporated on 19th December 2019. On a 145-acre plot of land which was previously owned by another Dutch family and is now a coconut plantation of 10,000 plants where Dutch culture has returned.


    Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, 40000, Sri Lanka.
    Phone: ‎+94 214 335 554

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