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Our operational model includes a 70-strong family of SK Farm employees who operate as an organizational unit with everyone adopting a hands-on approach irrespective of title. 

  • Director
    Mr. A. S. Kamilton / Mrs. Lieke Schröder
    • General Manager
      Mr. T. Paramanantham
      • Farm Manager
        Mr. V Vinesan
        • Administration
          Ms. P. Abilasha
          • HR
          • MA
          • Account Assistant
        • Agriculture In charge Officer
          Mr. K. Munaffer
          • Inter Cropping
          • Animal & Poultry
            • Animal Supervisor
              Mr. V. Vijayakanth
            • Poultry Supervisor
          • Compost Unit
          • Goat Fodder
            • Supervisor
              Mr. V. Vijayakanth
            • Supervisor
          • Coconut Unit
            • Supervisor
              Mr. I. Sivagnanam
            • Supervisor
          • Paddy Cultivation
            • Supervisor
            • Supervisor
        • Agriculture In charge Officer
          • Supervisor
          • Supervisor
        • Construction In charge
          Mr. A. Piremnath
          • Carpenter
            Mr. A. Ashwin
          • Plumber
            Mr. N Ketheeswaran
          • Welder
            Mr. S. Sankar
          • Electrician
            Mr. S. Sankar
          • Mason
            Mr. K. Santhirakumar
        • Security In charge
          P. Lokintharaj
          • Supervisor (Animals)
            Mr. N. Ketheeswaran
        • Stores In charge
          P. Lokintharaj
        • Hospitality Management In charge
          Mr. A. Piremnath
          • Cook
            Mr. S. Mayooran
          • Cleaning Supervisor

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SK Farms

SK Farms located in Aliyavalai, in the Jaffna Area, was incorporated on 19th December 2019. On a 145-acre plot of land which was previously owned by another Dutch family and is now a coconut plantation of 10,000 plants where Dutch culture has returned.


Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, 40000, Sri Lanka.
Phone: ‎+94 214 335 554

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