There are many benefits to volunteering and people volunteer for many reasons. These include:

  • Helping your community
  • Meeting people and making friends
  • Gaining experience to becoming more employable
  • Trying a new type of work e

To get started you can either search online or visit one of our volunteering drop in sessions for a chat with one of our friendly volunteering advisors.

A volunteer is defined as someone who willingly gives up their time without pay to help people or the environment.

As a volunteer, you will not get paid for your time but usually reasonable expenses you incur will be reimbursed, such as bus fare, so that volunteering does not leave you out of pocket.

Although organizations are encouraged to pay reasonable volunteer expenses, such as travel and refreshments, there is no obligation for groups to do so.

You should discuss any expenses that you feel you need to help you volunteer (such as bus fare to travel to your place of volunteering) with the organization before committing to a volunteering role.

There is no legal age limit although organizations involving volunteers do tend to have a minimum and maximum age limit because their insurance policy does not cover certain age groups (such as those under 16 and over 80s).

Often, when a group meets a volunteer who they feel offers something worthwhile, a phone call to their insurers can extend the age limit but this is entirely a decision for the organization.

We are always happy to have a chat with a volunteer-involved organization about this subject if it is helpful.

Yes. We will ensure that you get placed along with your friend or partner in the same project and also stay in the same accommodation. Volunteers need to inform us in advance and mention about the necessary requirements in the application form.

This depends on the country you are going to. We highly recommend you consult your doctor for advice on immunizations.

This depends on the project you choose. In most of the projects, volunteers stay in a volunteer house or at host family accommodations. For certain projects, volunteers might have to stay at the placement site.

No matter where you stay, we’ll ensure that you have all the necessities

Meals are provided 2-3 times a day, as mentioned in your program itinerary. Mainly, the local cuisine will be served, and it’s healthy. Both veg and non-veg food options are available, and if you have any specific preference, you can mention it in your application.

While most of the accommodations do have internet facilities, we cannot assure you about getting WiFi. However, there shall be internet cafes near your accommodation.

We usually accommodate rooms on same gender sharing basis. However, if you inform us about getting a single room and there’s availability in the destination you choose, we shall be glad to offer you a private room. However, we cannot give assurance in this respect

The safety and security of the participants are our prime concerns. All our placement sites are located in safe areas, in order to provide an incredible experience. However, while exploring the country, you should be careful about your belongings. Since most of the volunteering destinations are in developing regions, many of the natives might not be used to the regular things that you use in your daily life. Therefore, it’s always advised to be cautious.

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