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Passion and perseverance personified; SK Farms is the brainchild of Mr. Kamilton Arumugam.

SK Farms located in Aliyavalai, in the Jaffna Area, was incorporated on 19th December 2019. On a 145-acre plot of land which was previously owned by another Dutch family and is now a coconut plantation of 10,000 plants where Dutch culture has returned with Kamilton Arumugam and his Dutch Partner Lieke Schrödder.

Benefitting from Mr. Kamilton’s years of experience in trading and business, and European management styles, the farm is set on a trajectory of upward development with the aim of becoming one of the nation’s biggest farm suppliers.

The 2020s brought radical change. Taking a leap of faith, Mr. Kamilton and his partner stepped away from a comfortable lifestyle in Europe and moved to Sri Lanka in 2021 on a full-time basis. The hands-on approach paid off, the farm survived the pandemic and the economic downturn of the country and grew into a full-blown, professional farm with a team of 75 staff in the short space of 10 months.

Today, SK farm persists, facing and overcoming many difficulties, including fuel and gas shortages, cultural differences, and even petty jealousy to achieve its single-minded goal of becoming one of the nation’s largest farming suppliers, thanks to the team of dedicated staff who handle all the operational aspects of the farm as well as several non-profit activities.

Our Vision

To channel the passion and pure love for the environment that pervades the SK Farms family into ensuring the creation of one of the leading and most professional farms in the northern part of the country.

Our Mission

To create a diverse food supply chain compatible with international standards through equal opportunity, women’s support and a hands-on mentality.


Our Farms

Diversity, the key to SK Farm’s success has been a philosophy that has firmly embedded itself in every aspect of the farm’s operation, from its recruitment policies to its management philosophy. This is no more evident than in the farm’s agricultural diversity.

What started out as a coconut farm, has today been carefully nurtured into a diversified farming enterprise engaging in not just coconut farming but also Fresh Water Fish Farming, Saltwater Shrimp Farm, Poultry Farm, and Goat Farm.



The Coconut farm, on 142 acres in Alliyavallai in Vadamarachi East, while still in its infancy, is projected to turn out approximately 9 million Nuts per year, and an estimated turnover of approximately 10 million Euro’s annually once its plants have reached full maturity.

The Coconut farm has also been enhanced to include 70 acres of intercrops including Ladies Fingers, Onions, Capsicums, Cucumber, drumsticks (Moringa), and Chilli, along with a further 70 acres of flooding area for paddy cultivation adding to its output.

The farm further supplements its output by its production of Azolla compost, for both internal use and external local sales, as well as the farms 3 own 35×50 ft. inhouse green-houses nursery for sapling sales. The farm also purchases a bulk of its supplies locally reaching out to many local businesses to synergize collaborations.



Diversity took a paradigm step as SK farms entered the animal husbandry industry with the integration of a goat farm into the existing coconut farm. Operational since early 2022, the goat farm rears Sri Lanka Sheep, Yamini Pari, and Boer Goats for meat production, to contribute significantly to the region’s livestock development and its food stability, with a target output of 100 goats per month.


A natural extension to the farm, SK farms Poultry Farm has a capacity of 3000 chickens including Layers, Broilers and local Village Chickens for meat and egg production, housed in state-of-the-art coops, and fed on premium feed.


Set on 48 Acres of prime saltwater wetland in Vetilaikeny, the Prawn Farm is a unique, eco-friendly farm of 60, 40-meter tanks specializing in Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei). The farm will produce an estimated output of 300 tons solely for the export market, within the next 5 years and operate with 100 employees.

With our focus firmly on sustainability, food safety, and food security through the propagation of sustainable aquaculture, the farm will incorporate the latest available technologies, including the pioneering introduction of a Super Intensive Nursery and Grow Out Culture System, with new innovative aquaculture techniques and technology related to Symbiotic, Probiotic, Cope floc, Bio floc and Biological Water Treatment Systems, in tandem to which the farm will also support and enrich local communities with the ultimate aim of aiding in the development of the country’s economy.

SK Farms aims to increase Sri Lanka’s food supply resilience and support the core of marine aquaculture industry. Our focus in this effort is to provide technological breakthroughs in the country’s aquaculture industry, opening opportunities for employment, expansion, and intensification of production in cooperation with the Ministry of Fisheries, NAQDA and NARA.



Further diversifying its interests, SK farm’s first project with freshwater fish (GIFT Thilapia) is slated to be launched with 2 half-acre ponds. Still, in its initial stages, the fish farm once successfully realized is envisioned to be one of the nation’s largest and most pioneering sources GAP certified Tilapia, which are the most demanded freshwater fish, in the world market. Expansion plans also include a roadmap to expand the fish farm with freshwater fish to an area of 150 acres within a short time.


The operational model, includes a 50 strong team of SK Farm employees operate as an organisational unit with everyone adopting a hands-on approach irrespective of titles.

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SK Farms

SK Farms located in Aliyavalai, in the Jaffna Area, was incorporated on 19th December 2019. On a 145-acre plot of land which was previously owned by another Dutch family and is now a coconut plantation of 10,000 plants where Dutch culture has returned.


Aliyavalai, Jaffna District, 40000, Sri Lanka.
Phone: ‎+94 214 335 554

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